Happy Independence Day 2020 Patriotic Poems – 15 August Kavita In Hindi English For Students Kids

Happy Independence Day 2020 Patriotic Poem: To celebrate Indian Independence Day get these wonderful 15 August Kavita (Poems) Lines In Hindi English for Students Kids Teachers. All Indians celebrate this day as a national festival of India. All Indians know how they get freedom from the British Raj. It was not easy without an Indian assembly.

Gandhi Ji was the father of the nation, assembled all Indian public and made more movements for freedom, Bhagat Singh Azaad, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sarojini Naidu, Vijay Laxmi Pandit, Subhash Chandra Boss, Kamla Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and many more  Indians fights for the freedom from British Raj. In this article, we have an independence day poem in Hindi.

Finally, Indians Got freedom on 15 August 1947. After freedom India country divided into two countries on the basis of religion that was India and Pakistan. Now after that day all Pakistan country peoples celebrate their independence day on 14th August and we all Indians celebrate this day on 15th August.

On this day India’s first Prime Minister Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru raised the National flag on the Red Fort. And gave a speech that name was Trusty with destiny. All Indians celebrate Independence Day in a unique and wonderful way. Students are very excited for this day and they participate in the independence day programs.

So all students kids who are going to participate in independence day Poem programs. They all will get here poem on independence day in English for students and hope you will share this short poem on 15 August in Hindi with your classmates.

So here is the best 15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita for you all students and kids. After singing this poem in your function, you will be selected for the best students or performers of the day.  Share this all collection of wonderful short lines with your friends and enjoy this day.

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15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita In Hindi For Kids

Every year on 15th August all Indians celebrated their Independence Day. And every year present Indian Prime Minister raise National flag on the red fort and salute or tribute to all Indian martyr. School students and National Cadet Corps sing the national anthem “Jan Gan Man “. This is the main celebration of Indian independence day.

Every state, district of India celebrates Independence Day and the Chief Minister of every state raises a national flag. On this day schools, colleges and government sectors have a holiday and all government sectors schools and colleges raise the Indian national flag. It is a national festival, school children celebrate this day on the school organization with performing dance singing and other independence day programs.

Now here we have Best15 August Kavita In Hindi For Kids and Students. You can sing this short poem on independence day in English in your school assembly and can celebrate India 72nd Independence Day.

Mostly in Delhi and Gujarat Indian public celebrated this day with flying kite. it is a different thing but it is amazing to see. It’s a single day when Hindu, Muslim Sikh Isai All Indians celebrated independence day without any crisis or problem.

Hope you like this 15 August patriotic poem and will share it with your all school friends. Many School students also want the Best lyrics of Poems for their function. So don’t worry here you will get wonderful and best patriotic poems for your function.

Independence Day Poems
On this Independence Day
we remember the years past.
We honor this very day
for our flag, old glory, has last.
On this Independence Day
two centuries ago, we
declared our independence
for justice and liberty.
Let us celebrate with joy and honesty
Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day 2020 Poems Kavita In Hindi

Indian Independence Day observed annually on 15 August. It is the 3rd national holiday in India. This year we will celebrate our 72nd Independence Day. This is the unique way to celebrate the festival and we all sing patriotic songs, poems, and national anthem. After flag hosting all remaining programs are scheduled in the Red Fort and in every school.

On this day After flag hosting Prime Minister and President give a speech on Independence Day and motivate the country peoples. Get the special lines for this day celebration and use this Independence Day Desh Bhakti Kavita and 15 August Poems in English.

Note down these famous poems about independence and use the short patriotic poems in English for 72nd independence day celebration.

15 August Kavita
15 August Kavita
15 August Poems
15 August Poems
Independence Day poem
Independence Day poem

15 August Independence Day 2020 Poems (Kavita) In Hindi For Students

We are going to celebrate the 73rd independence day of India. Now, this is a special moment for we all country peoples that comes once a year. So make this day memorable and enjoyable. I wish you all students and Indian peoples a Very Happy Independence Day 2020.

Do something right thing this year and clean your nearby place and take a good decision for the country. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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