15 August Independence Day 2020 Speech In English For Kids School Students

For the upcoming 73rd Independence Day get the perfect 15 August 2020 speech in English And don’t forget to check out simple and short Independence Day 2020 speech for kids, school students & teachers available in the English Language.

Independence Day Speech In English
Independence Day Speech In English

One of the biggest national events is just a couple of months away. Yeah, you got it right we are talking about the upcoming 73rd Independence day. We have been celebrating Independence Day on the 15th of August since it was on 15th August 1947, the British finally, gave us our freedom.

It can be called the national day since on this day every people feel proud of being Indians and sing the national anthem with pride. On the occasion of Independence day, everyone from small kids to elderly people celebrates the day of independence.

Well, the celebration of Independence Day includes parades, singing, dancing, play, and much more. These celebration does vary, but every event is filled with patriotism. Many organization celebrates Independence Day, but the celebration is quite significant for the schools since it is a historic event.

Most schools plan an event which includes, parades, singing, etc. However, the event always being with a speech on Independence Day by a student. Therefore, if you are looking for Independence Day speech 2020 then this article can provide a lot of materials.

Independence Day (15 August) Speech In English 2020

Every year we celebrate Independence Day to commemorate the independence of our country. We observe this day with parades, raising our national flag, singing our national anthem. New Delhi the capital of our country celebrates Independence Day with parades, drills by our military.

Furthermore, schools also celebrate Independence Day by organizing events. And such events usually commence with an Independence Day speech. So, every year a student has the privilege to give an Independence Day speech.

While giving a speech students should always stick to the fact. And to do so you should have sufficient materials to prepare your speech. Generally, a speech has to be a few minutes long. Therefore, keeping it short and sweet can be catchy.

Here you should check out the format of the speech. And then you can prepare or write your speech accordingly. Now, these are the basic components of a speech. Hence, do not ignore it.

Greetings: You should always begin your speech by greeting your audience.

The Topic Of your Speech: After greeting your audience let them know the topic of your speech i.e, Independence Day.

Speech: Now, you can start reading the speech that you prepared.

Conclusion: Once you have read your speech make sure to thank the audience for listing to your speech. And then you may make the request to sing the National Anthem to start the event.

Independence Day 2020 Speech In English For Kids, School Students

If you are students and school going kids and looking for a simple and short Independence Day 2020 speech in English then we can be helpful.

Below you can check not just one but 4 different speeches. So, you should read these speeches to write your own.

Independence Day Speech In English (1)

Very good morning all who are present here today. Honorable chief guests, respected principals, teachers, parents, and my friends. Let me begin by wishing each and everyone happy 73rd Independence Day.

Every year we celebrate 15th of August as Independence Day because it was today on 15th August 1947 we were finally free from the clutches of  British. India is a country that is known as the country of the festival and the land of the festival.

Many religious peoples live in this country and they celebrate their own traditional festival. But when it comes to the national festival then whole India celebrate the Indian Independence Day, Republic Day, and Gandhi Jayanti together.

All great leaders want to see India as an Independent country, finally, they got their dream on the 15th of August 1947. After that day we celebrate our Independence day every year on the 15th of August. Now this year we are going to celebrate our 73rd Independence Day.

We remember our great personalities and freedom fighters who sacrifice their life for this motherland. We salute all those real Heros of our country who fought till death.

So, today let come together celebrate this day and pay respect to our great leaders who gave us independent India. Therefore, let us not forget the sacrifices of our national heroes.

The ceremony of independence day starts with flag hoisting and ends with many cultural programs. Independence day programs organized in schools/ colleges/ Red Fort and state government buildings.

All Political leaders attend the independence day program and celebrate this day with their staff and also wish country peoples.

Hence, on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day let us strive to build this nation together. And lastly, I would like to thank you all for joining us to celebrate the Independence Day of our great country.

Happy Independence Day, Jai Hind.

15 August Speech In English (2)

Respected Chief Guest, Dear Principal, Teachers, Parents and my lovely friends, greetings to you all. Firstly, I would like to wish you all happy Independence Day. And thank you for joining us for the celebration of 73rd Independence Day of our country.

Independence day is a memorable day for all Indians and this day falls on every 15th Of August. Indians celebrate the 15th of August because on this day we got freedom from the British Empire.

After the independence day, the motherland of India divided into two parts India and Pakistan. After the partition of India Pakistan both countries celebrate their Independence Day on 15 & 14th of August Month. 

It has been 73 years since we had our independence day on 15th August 1947. It was possible because of all our national leaders who gave their lives for the independent nation that we live in.

We should thank all our great leaders & freedom fighters for their sacrifice to this country. Therefore, let us join hands, come together and celebrate this historic day remembering our heroes, and the birth of a young nation.

Independence Day English Speech (3)

Distinguished guests, respected principals, teachers, dear parents, and my lovely friends. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity. To all of you present here let me wish you a pleasant morning. And most importantly  Happy Independence Day 2020.

Independence Day is an annual national event of India celebrated every year on 15th August. India as a nation has been celebrating Independence Day since it gained its independence from the British Empire on 15th August 1947.

So, it was on the 15th of August 1947 we became an independent nation. After a long fight and countless sacrifices, we finally had an independent country free from the rule of the British.

Every year the Grand function ceremony of independence day takes place at the Red fort New Delhi. On this day our Indian armed force participates on independence day parade. Prime Minister hosts the nation and wishes the country peoples.

Pay tribute and homage to all those great leaders and freedom fighters whose sacrifice their life for their motherland. The current generation lives in freedom because of our heroes like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Sekhar Azad, Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, and many more unknown Heros/Freedom Fighters.

On we are celebrating our 73rd Independence Day, so let us all pay tribute to every soul that fought for free India.

I wish you all a very Happy 73rh Independence Day. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

Independence Day Short Speech Lines (4)

Greetings to everyone present on the occasion of Independence Day. Honorable Guests, Respected Principal, teachers, parents, and my dear friend. I would like to wish you all a very happy 73rd Independence day.

Today, we are gathered here to observe or rather celebrate our 73rd Independence Day. The 15th August 1947 is one of the most important dates in our history. Because on this day we had finally, achieved our collective goal of independent India.

The independence of India was passed under the Indian Independence Act 1947. When India gained its independence the First Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the national flag above the Lahore Gate at the Red Fort, New Delhi.

Although, it was all thanks to our great national heroes who fought a long war with the British to gain freedom. So, we should never let their sacrifices go in vain. Therefore, we should come together as a nation and strive towards our greatest future.

Because every year the Independence Day reminds us about the times when we were just another colony. So, other than celebrating Independence Day, remembering our heroes, let us never let this country fall again.

Thank You all Happy Independence Day once again and Jai Hind. 

15 August 2020 English Speech | Conclusion

Before you give a speech on a topic then you should do some research. Now, Independence Day is the biggest national event. You can actually consider Independence Day as the genesis of India as we know it.

Hence, with some details related to Independence Day can make your speech more powerful. Read the independence day History from Wikipedia.

I Hope the given speech lines will be helpful for you all and if you like these speech lines then you can share these lines with your friends and classmates. I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day 2020. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.

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